San Leandro Re-Roof

 Miramar- San Leandro Re-Roof

Miramar- San Leandro Re-Roof

“I think being a roofer comes from within. Maybe you are lead to the life of ‘views from above.’ That person has to want to create something out of materials, enjoy the weather elements, and need a feeling of accomplishment. That person has to be really tough and work hard. I don’t think you can train for that. Maybe you need to be Born A Roofer” (Blog – Where the Industry Meets,

As suggested from the above quote, maybe roofers are born with the skill and desire needed for such a trade. In the case of Vincent Roofing Co., Inc., maybe the desire comes from wanting to join the 3rd and 4th generations of the Vincent family who continue to produce honest and high-quality work every day.

These pictures exemplify a roof near Miramar Ave in San Leandro, which our crew worked diligently to install. After repairing some dry rot, we installed 23 squares of Landmark shingles by CertainTeed (color: Heather Blend), along with Rapid Ridge shingles along the hips and ridges, new vent flashings, and additional attic exhaust vents.

We know how hard it is to find quality workers. That’s why we appreciate all the effort that our crew puts out. Click on the link below to read the rest of the blog about finding the future workers of the roofing industry


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